Games Analysis/Journalism Experience

Professional Experience

ZAM Network

November 2012-September 2013 – Senior Contributing Editor,

  • Securing and creating featured content – interesting interviews, engaging previews and more.
  • Attending developer events in Europe on behalf of the site.
  • Capturing and editing video for upload to the network’s Youtube channel
  • Assisting with Social Media channel management (Twitter etc)

February 2012-November 2012 – Staff Writer,

  • Features writer, focusing on new and upcoming MMOs.
  • Provided coverage of Gamescom, Eurogamer Expo, Rezzed and other EU events.
  • Created a mix of interviews, previews, reviews, op-ed and occasional news items.

Further Experience

  • I founded Mana Obscura in March 2010 as an outlet for my interest in MMORPGs. It’s not updated as regularly since working at ZAM, but still gets some occasional use.
  • The Obscurecast was a follow-up podcast that I started in May 2010. It is now hosted by friends in the community.
  • I also maintain an occasional youtube channel, and I have dabbled in livestreaming.


  • For a number of years, I ran a popular Warcraft community site named Earthenring.EU. At peak, it had over a thousand regular users.
  • I created a website for a group within the popular Lorien Trust LARP community. Subsequent to handing it over to others, this site featured in a BBC report about civil servant browsing habits.
  • In August 2008, I became an administrator at Wikipedia. I retired from the project a year later, disappointed at the direction the community had chosen to take with regards to historical video game content.